Michael Lin

Engineering Consultant. Writer. Speaker. Ex-Netflix. EECS @ Berkeley.


Helping Startups Move Faster.

Let me be your CTO for an hour. I help pre-seed to Series C startups make smarter engineering and business decisions.

Engineering Is My Passion 🤝🏼

I’m Michael, an ex-Netflix tech lead turned entrepreneur. By day, I’m a full-time engineering consultant, career coach, and speaker. By night, I’m one of the fastest-growing writers on the internet.


My Advice Makes A Difference 📈

“I successfully re-orged our team (based on Michael’s suggestion). The solid team structure has helped us handle uncertainty better and move at a faster velocity. Count me as a successful client!”

- From an engineering consulting call with a Series C CTO (70 reports)

“Thank you for the advice on changing up how I talked about my background. Making it more condensed, and only highlighting the major ones. I just got two offers after this call.”

- From a career coaching call with a Sr. engineer (13 yrs exp)

“I usually never do calls like this, but I got so much more value than I could’ve imagined. So glad I talked to Michael.”

- From an engineering consulting call with a PhD and founder of a seed-funded startup

Engineering Consulting 🛠️

Let me be your CTO for an hour.

If I save you just one week’s worth of engineering time, my advice will pay for itself.

Topics for discussion

No question is off-limits. Sample topics we can discuss:

  • Web3
  • MVP scoping
  • Channel building
  • Customer acquisition
  • Where to network
  • Staffing questions
How it works
  1. DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter and say you’re interested in consulting
  2. Tell me about yourself, your company, and what issues you’re having
  3. I usually give some advice up front
  4. If it resonates with you, we move forward with booking the consulting call
What to expect
  1. Written answers for all your questions
  2. Warm intros to other clients working in the same vertical
  3. List of places to network virtually
  4. A full-day’s prep beforehand and agenda for the meeting

Speaking Engagements 📢

I'll inspire your organization.

I have years of public speaking experience, and I'll deliver a personalized, TED-talk style chat for your team. Whether you're an engineering leader or a student-org, I'd love to help! DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you’re interested.

(Discounts available for student organizations)

Career Highlights 🏆

🔸 Engineering lead @ Netflix + Amazon for 7 yrs 🔸 Promoted to Sr. Software Engineer @ Netflix at age 24 🔸 Successfully sold my last company recordjoy.com 🔸 EECS Alumni @ Berkeley. Go Bears!

Personal Highlights 🌟

🔸 Published on Business Insider and Yahoo Finance 🔸 10k Medium followers in 4 months (with just 5 articles) 🔸 2k subscribers to my newsletter about web3, startups, and engineering 🔸 National Master in Chess (top 1%, 2200+ elo)

Writings 📝

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